Corporate branding and design

At Think Media, we believe that your branding and the image you create, which maintain and project to the world what your business offers, is more than just your logo.

It’s everything about your company that people experience. From a company brochure or a website, a stand or graphics for an exhibition. Each one is an opportunity for you to present your company at its best, and tell your story to your customers.

When starting out on this path it is important to get the first steps right. Think Media, through discussions with you, discover what it is that makes your business unique. We develop that idea into a strong company logo design to communicate the core value to your audience, making your business instantly recognisable to your clients and helping you stand out from the competition in the marketplace.

Once your logo is developed, we can then produce a strong and clear brand identity to apply across all areas of your business from your business cards, stationery and business website to material such as email signatures, email marketing, social media graphics, brochures, annual reports, adverts, stands and signage. We provide you with brand guidelines, outlining font and colour usage, etc., which your suppliers can follow to keep your corporate identity and branding consistent, allowing you to focus on developing your business.

We can also help with the naming of your company, create strap lines and form mission statements.

If your company is thinking of a brand refresh, whether it’s a small step from the original or a big leap into the future, we can help with that too.