Graphic Design

With graphic designers working side by side with journalists, Think Media have a unique edge on other design studios.

We are a team of corporate communications specialists who work hard to understand your message and visually interpret those facts to captivate your audience.

As well as collaboration within Think Media we believe that client input is essential. The most effective design solutions come from the synthesis of great minds and we harness your knowledge, as no one knows your target audience better than you do.

At Think Media we put emphasis on giving the same care and attention to every piece of your marketing collateral. Whether it is a one-off leaflet or brochure, a member association magazine or journal, an annual report or your organisation’s website, we focus on what you want to achieve and work hard to deliver a winning solution every time.

You need to build and maintain your corporate identity and our dedicated design team understands how to achieve this goal. We work closely with you as we both have a common purpose – to make you the leading organisation for your clients – whether it is through the design of your print advertisements or through your professional journal. We value your business cards and stationery as highly as we do your annual report or directory.

Our team take care to make the whole process both smooth and enjoyable for you. We look after every detail from the biscuits with your tea at the first meeting, to the print management upon final design sign off.

If you want a fresh approach to your marketing collateral or your university prospectus, contact any of our graphic designers who would be delighted to meet with you and discuss ways to enliven your existing and proposed material.