Are your digital goals aligned with your business goals?

Three questions that every digital manager needs to answer.

Whether it is effective or not, virtually every business, representative body or educational institute has a digital strategy. One of the simplest ways to check if your digital strategy is likely to work is to constantly check your digital goals against your business goals. If the two are independent of each other, the chances of success from the digital sphere are slim. Digital goals must support the overall goals of the business, body or institute, or time, money and expertise is wasted.

At Think Media, we understand that not everyone needs to know the minutiae of your digital presence, but nearly everyone in a business will be aware of their website, Twitter account, Facebook page, etc. Collectively driving that online presence to a common set of overall goals requires good management. We recommend that the digital goals of a business be written down and compared with the overall goals/mission of the company or body. That sounds simple, but very few are actually doing it and it’s a surefire way of ensuring that the time, money and expertise going into a digital presence are being harnessed to the correct purpose.

So if you have responsibility for an online presence, ask yourself three questions:

  • have I defined our digital goals?;
  • are they properly aligned with our overall/business goals?; and,
  • does everyone with an input understand our digital goals?

Do this at least once a year and regularly review what you are putting material online and why.