Don’t throw away your work

After all the time and effort spent putting your publication together, let’s see if you could use some of that ready-made material for another project and give it a longer shelf life.

With all the blood, sweat and planning that goes into any project you undertake, there’s always that initial feeling of satisfaction and then the post-publication deflation. When you’ve had time to catch your breath, try and look at the finished document with fresh eyes. You’d be surprised how much material will have other uses across your marketing collateral.

Facts and figures always lend themselves to interesting infographics and, if you keep them to a single topic, you can have multiple tweets or Facebook posts. You’ve also probably gone above and beyond to get suitable imagery or even commissioned an original illustration that could have a life in a members’ email or some other suitable communication.

Think Media recently produced a prospectus for UCD Arts and Humanities, and the marketing team there went to great lengths to get photographs and biographical details of some of their well-known alumni. When it was published the information got such positive feedback that they decided to get large graphics, which now adorn one of the corridors in the college. It inspires students and lecturers alike when they see the amazing talented people that were awarded UCD Arts degrees.

The normal practice for reports and magazines is for them to be uploaded as complete pdfs onto the website. While it’s certainly an asset to archive your material in this way, it may be worthwhile to consider having a synopsis written and placed in a prominent section of your site with a link to the full report. This way visitors are aware of its existence and have some knowledge of the contents even if they don’t access the full report.

So, next time you’ve finished that time-consuming job, make yourself a cup of coffee and see if you can breathe some extra life into your hard work.