Print is dead? Wash your mouth out.


Print can truly captivate an audience in a way that the digital world never will. The beauty of a well-designed double page spread, or your eagerly awaited centre fold poster stays with the reader, far more than an email linking to an e-zine. It can be torn out, hung up, kept ­­– treasured. Print is dead? Think again.

Being a graphic designer means that I am slightly biased, but I wonder how many people have poured for hours over an online magazine, in the way that they can a physical copy. Taking the time to appreciate not only the content, but the design, the paper quality, the smell of fresh ink. The joy of having something to hold and to value is not lost on consumers, as Deloitte found. A stunning 88% of magazine readers in the UK still prefer to consume articles through print. Apparently I am not alone.

The irony is not lost, in a world where social media has exploded and ‘fake news’ is rampant across news sites, what people feared would destroy print, has actually led the masses back. Print, and print marketing offers the audience a stronger sense of credibility. The time it takes a team to write, edit, publish and distribute a publication solidifies trust along the chain all the way to the reader, to your members. In an age where every second person, their granny and their cat can run a blog, give your members something physical to value.

Don’t believe me? Look to online giants such as FacebookGoogle and LinkedIn, leaders in online marketing who have in recent years all commissioned quarterly hard copy magazines. No matter how many people follow you online, digital marketing will always be print marketing’s humble protégé.

Give your member organisation the permanence in print that the click of a mouse never will.