ABC, as easy as 123

One of the major challenges for advertisers has always been the reliability of the readership, listenership or viewing figures of the media they are purchasing. For specialist publishers like Think Media, the response to that challenge can be the single key factor that determines success or failure in attracting and maintaining advertising revenue.

In some instances, a simple professional guarantee is sufficient. For example, The Bar of Ireland (the Law Library) commits publicly to ensure that every one of its members, the practising barristers of the Republic of Ireland, will receive a personal copy of The Bar Review in their own Law Library pigeonhole. In other cases, a greater guarantee is required.

A good example of this is our publication, the Journal of the Irish Dental Association. While it goes to every member of the Association, there are some dentists (a minority) in the Republic who are not members. And of course, dentists in Northern Ireland are catered for by the British Dental Association. However, the Journal goes to every dentist on the island of Ireland. That’s a significant claim and very important for the marketing managers who need to advertise their products or services to dentists in Ireland. Many of these marketing managers are based in the UK and not as familiar with the specifics of the Irish market as they are of their UK market. That’s understandable. So how does Think Media provide commercial reassurance to these doubting Thomases? By opening the circulation to external audit by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC). It is expensive, but it is worth it for the reassurance it gives every advertiser that the Journal goes exactly where it says it goes: to every single dentist in Ireland.

ABC certification is external, independent and transparent. It’s the gold standard and advertisers have the right to expect gold standards in all their marketing.