A TY Student at Think Media

People often associate Transition Year (TY) with a break from the usual school routine. Of course I would be wrong if I was to say that it is not; however, it has its own difficulties when it comes to finding a place for work experience or a block week.

My name is Renata Donciu. I am a TY student. As part of our TY programme in St. Louis High School I had a chance to do a block week. I found the opportunity to do this week in Think Media. I am on my last day working here, so I decided to write a blog that I can share with the readers of Think Media’s website. I want to share the most interesting remarks and things I came across during my block week.

My week started on February 18. Being only 16, I was very nervous to go for the first time to a new place with professional people. I was scared I wouldn’t meet the expectations or I would let the team down. However, Think Media’s office was very nice. As I am passionate about art and fashion design it seemed to me a very beautiful space. Throughout the week it definitely felt a very artistic place, which made it easier to feel like home.

It makes it so much easier when the staff takes you in and involves you in all the work. I did lots of things during the week, but I want to share the most exciting ones.

I want to start with the first thing and say I had a nice start. I met the staff on the Monday, I was welcomed very well, I was shown my work desk and provided with everything needed. The office works with different software, which I got an introduction to. My first task was to use ‘Adobe Photoshop CC’ to modify a photo and produce a great outcome. I took so long to get used to it and understand but by Thursday I was able to do lots of things using that software. Using those skills I had to crop many photos that the designers of Think Media will be able to use in a new website they are building for one of their clients.

A very exciting task that I was given that I worked on throughout the week, was Crew Class oars design. This is a rowing class that has asked the company to design a logo. I had to draw many different designs of oars but very stylised and simplified versions. I had to spend a few days coming up with ideas on that. On Thursday I had to redraw them on the actual oar printed out so that we could get the exact shape that the client wanted. On my last day I had to use ‘Adobe Illustrator CC 2017’ to make up the final result, therefore drawing it professionally using all the skills that I had learned through the week. That was actually a very interesting task I went through all the different stages that the product had to go through before it’s ready to be approved by the staff and the client.

The other thing which I liked about Think Media was that like I said before I was able to get involved in all the work and activities. During the Wednesday lunch time, myself, Tom and Niamh went to a Crew Class rowing class for an hour. It was hard and tiring but we had fun. It made me feel a part of the Think Media team. That was an unforgettable experience. It was also something different that I wouldn’t have experienced before working in different offices during TY.

My week as a TY student in Think Media was very enjoyable. I am going to miss this place and the staff. It was very nice to work here and have this wonderful experience in something that I am interested in. This helped me to have a clear idea on the career you can have if you choose different aspects of art as a course in college or journalism and English, depending on what you are interested in. Also the staff are very nice, and have answered any questions I had about a career or were ready to help if I had some difficulties during the week. I am very thankful I was given this opportunity to try new things but especially that involves things that I can relate to and get interested in, which made this week a good week.