What should clients expect from a publisher?


A good publisher will ensure what you want to communicate is clearly expressed in the most engaging manner for your readers.

Think Media will take your content or produce it for you and turn it into any kind of publication you wish, whether magazine or journal, book or brochure, in print or online.

Once we have all the content, we set about making sure it is error free. It is sub-edited into our house style or a style of your own. Then it is laid out by our team of graphic designers, sent to you and your authors for edits and approval and finally, proofread again. Everything we publish is read by two professional editors to ensure there are no mistakes.

Our journalists are experts in understanding complex topics and turning them into articles that are insightful and informative. If you do need us to write about complex topics, we undertake the necessary research to understand it, break it down and communicate it to your target audience. We can interview the people you want us to speak to, whether that is over the phone, face to face or through email or Skype if they are far afield.

If you are struggling with ideas for articles, our team works on many publications in vastly different areas of expertise and is always ready with an idea for an interesting feature or interview.

We serve on several editorial boards, bringing our publishing expertise to augment the specialist knowledge of the profession brought by the other members. Good corporate governance is essential now and we are experienced at ensuring all requirements are met for a professional journal.

Publications are often required on a specific deadline, legally in the case of annual reports. Think Media knows how long the publishing process takes and will make sure your publication goes to print or goes online when you need it to.

Getting a publication printed yourself can be a minefield, so we provide an expert print management service. We only work with printers who we know from experience produce high-quality materials.

Bringing a publication to fruition is a complex process, which requires multi-tasking and flawless time management. Think Media does it day in, day out and has a clear, well-tested process to ensure your publication runs smoothly from development to delivery.